How does our cooperation looks like?



We agree on measurable goals together, while I ask you to deliver the necessary insights of your ICP to me. In the meantime, we execute the onboarding process (e.g: granting access, creating an ad account if your company doesn’t own one). Next, I deliver a tailor-made strategy for attracting ideal customers with the power of lead and demand generation campaigns. Finally, this is where I launch the very first ads with your approval.

Setting up target goals together
Making better decisions after collecting data



After receiving the first results, I use the insights to make better data-driven decisions and increase performance (keep best campaigns, turn off underperformers). This is also where we evaluate lead quality together.

Making better decisions after collecting data



Based on the learnings of the first 2 months, I fine-tune campaigns and ads further to get the most cost-efficient results while scaling your reach.

optimizing for best performers

After the pilot period

The performance and the competition are ever-changing. I continue my work to help you build and increase your pipeline by managing and constantly optimizing campaigns. How? By running ads to more segmented audiences that give us the data to decide what content and offers resonate the best with your potential customers. So we take out the guesswork off the formula.

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