How to know if LinkedIn Ads are right for your business?

While more and more B2B companies are leveraging LinkedIn advertising, I recommend to stop for a moment to decide if investing could be really beneficial for your business at this point.

The listed aspects are intended to help you in some way. These are referring to companies that could probably rock with LinkedIn Ads most easily. However, every industry, company, and their revenue performance are unique. So there can be potential for you even if you’re not meeting all of them for 100%.

There are a few aspects that can help decide if LinkedIn Ads are right for your business

A few aspects that can help in the decision

Average customer lifetime value is around €12.000

You can deliver valuable content to attract potential customers

€2500-€4000 or higher ad budget/month

Are you in doubt?

Feel free to reach out at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before launching the first campaigns, we agree on measurable goals together to determine what success looks like for your company. Based on the information I receive, I prepare a tailor-made LinkedIn Ads strategy to attract your ideal customers with powerful demand and lead generation campaigns, covering the full funnel. After we’re on the same page, I start executing and deliver results, whatever it takes – there are no limitations to the number of campaigns and ads. During our cooperation, I get your approval for all assets (e.g: ads, forms) and you can see the active campaigns whenever you want. Meaning you’re in full control so you decide how deeply you’d like to get involved. Neverthless, I  send weekly management reports so you can always be up to date how we’re performing without doing any operative task.

Having a smaller ad budget doesn’t necessarily means there’s no underlying success for you with LinkedIn Ads. However, seeing results will take longer as it needs more time to collect data and see patterns in the insights. Feel free to reach out (at no cost) to talk about the product/service and the budget size you’re willing to invest in ads.

Success depends on several things, like the industry/market, the offer, and the overall content that attracts ideal customers. The reason I recommend at least a 3-months pilot period is because under this timeframe I can already provide you tangible value such as a tailor-made strategy, onboarding and implementation of the first campaign variants. However, performance changes constantly so companies still need to manage and adapt to the competition. This is where I can still help you.

The answer is simple. You own everything in your ad account so all data belong to your company. In case we stop working together, I kindly ask you to remove my access from your properties. This is the way.

Absolutely not. During our cooperation, I strive to deliver premium leads to your teams or partner agencies to help you increase your revenue. The only thing I ask before working together with other agencies is to set a clear alignment on the tasks and responsibilities in order to drive results efficiently.